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About Us

Hey there! 

I’m Yasmin, owner and creator of Labelitgifts. Wife to Raviv, an Israeli born and bred engineer and Mummy to Gavriel and Eliana Rose. Labelitgifts is a home run business that opened in 2020 during the COVID pandemic. Originally from Manchester, UK, I knew what it was to be so far away from friends and family and wanting to feel a connection, but then when lockdowns were put in place to feel disconnected from everyone, even our neighbours, I just had to find a way to renew that connection. 

That is why I created Labelitgifts. Prior to the Pandemic I was from the education and tourism world, being out of work, home with my family but so far away from two sisters, one in the UK and the other in the US, I wanted to feel close to them.


My lifelong dream had always been to create gifts but was something I had never had the opportunity to follow through. As a hobby I was always making gifts for people and then during lockdown I started to send care packages to those around me. It was then my husband told me to finally do what I love and go ahead and make gifts for other people. My dream was to make it easy for friends and family to send special gifts to their loved ones here in Israel.



Labelitgifts began with our most popular personalised snack pouches. For the first 5 months we sold only pouches to clients within Raanana, where we live. Each pouch filled with a choice of sweet or healthy treats and personalised with each client's very own messages. It was a true family business, my husband helping me find suppliers, me creating the gifts and as a family we would get in the car and deliver gifts to recipients. 

Eventually demand grew and people were wanting not only to have their pouches delivered across the country but for me to add in additional items such as bottles of wine, personalised wine glasses, personalized mugs and much more. As the pandemic continued so did the demand for Labelitgifts.

At Labelitgifts you will find a selection of gifts for every occasion. Whether it's a gift to tell someone you miss them, a baby gift, a birthday gift or a gift for the chagim, I have created an entire range of gifts that can be given for any occasion. 

The beauty of Labelitgifts is that with an element of personalization you are able to take almost any of our gifts and design it for any occasion.