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5 Creative Gift Ideas For The Person Who Has Everything

Updated: Nov 20, 2022

Personalized Gifts for those special family, friends and colleagues in Israel

The holidays of Hanukkah are fast approaching, and while most of us usually scramble to find the perfect gift, what happens when you’re at a loss on what to buy that special someone?

If they already have everything they want or you just don’t really know them that well, how do you come up with something unique and heart-felt to show them that you have put great thought into what to get them?

Here at Labelitgifts we specialize in sending precious, personal gifts to your friends, family, colleagues and clients. Based in Ra’anana, Israel, offering delivery across the country direct to the recipient's door it couldn’t be easier to choose, create and send the perfect gift here in Israel. If you are super busy with work and don’t have time to get out to the mall or even if you are on the other side of the world, we make it possible for you to show the people you care for that you are thinking of them on those special occasions that you wish you could be there for. Whether ordering from your home or the office, it's easy to create a Labelitgift unique to every recipient.

We know that finding the right gift can be challenging, you don’t want to give something that the recipient doesn't need or won’t use, but sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough options to choose from in store or online. Foodie gifts are always an easy option but once it's eaten, it's gone and forgotten about. Fortunately, here at Labelitgifts, we have plenty of unique gift ideas that will combine keepsake gifts with sweet and thoughtful snack gifts too - each and every one will surely be appreciated by a person who has everything. We provide shipping direct to the recipient's door, throughout Israel really making it easy for both you and your loved one.

Keep reading to find 5 thoughtful and personalized gift ideas for that person who has everything….

Level Up Your Gift Giving with a Personalized Gift

Personalized gifts are a great idea because they show you have taken time and put thought into what you are giving. From choosing the custom wording to color of texts and even the fonts the endless choices means you can really choose one single gift and make it unique to every recipient. It is the perfect way to show you care about your recipient and show them that they are truly important to you. With the unique element of personalization you can create a gift such as a mug, water

bottle, apron or even a t-shirt - a gift that can be one of a kind and used for years to come.

1. Personalized Mugs

A Personalized Mug is a great way to say I love you, Thank you, I Miss You or even Happy Holidays whilst always being remembered as the one that bought such a unique gift. Labelitgifts Mugs make great gifts because they can be personalized with any text or design you choose. You have the option to choose from a range of mug types, from dainty glass tea mugs for your tea lover friend, to extra large ceramic latte mugs perfect for that coffee obsessed person. Then, select from a choice of meaningful quotes or create a design of your very own by choosing fonts and images to really capture the feel of the gift and the recipient. Sounds like a lot of work? Not the creative type? You can also select from our predesigned mug range and just add the recipient's name to make it that extra bit personal.

These mug gifts make great gifts because they can be personalized in so many ways for absolutely every occasion. It will make your son, daughter, mom, dad, colleague, friend and even a client feel so special every time they go to drink their tea, coffee or hot chocolate! There is no limit to what you can do and every time they reach for their cup they will definitely think of you.

Each mug gift is beautifully gift wrapped and you can even spruce up your personalized mug by including other fun items to give a complete gift set such as chocolate fillings, coffee fillings or why not choose something extra special such as our Cosy Hot Chocolate themed gift box.

2. Personalized Aprons

Personalized Aprons are the perfect gift for the chef in your life. Whether you are looking for a unique thank you gift for someone who has been caring for and hosting your son or daughter who is here in Israel for a year in Seminary or Yeshiva, family member who is far away and loves to be in the kitchen, or even a Bar/ Bat Mitzvah Gift, the Labelitgift Apron collection can be customized with quotes, their name or a fun and amusing design. You can even create an apron to match their decor or personality by changing the color and adding a Pot Holder or Kitchen Towel to create a perfect gift box. Our Apron gifts are made using top quality heat press vinyl and will have your recipient looking like a pro in the kitchen in no time!

Available in both Kids and Adult Sizing making it the perfect gift for that Kitchen and BBQ, grill lover.

3. Personalized Candy & Health Pouches

Personalized Candy & Health Pouch gifts are Labelitgifts, Number One gift for every occasion. Unique to Labelitgifts, and the story behind our business, it is the original gift we began our personalized gift journey back in 2020. Snack Pouches are the perfect gift to send someone that you want to truly treat.

Our Kosher Pouches are filled with a variety of sweet and salty, chocolatey and chewy snacks and as with all gifts have that extra special personalized element. Our clients have always loved giving this type of gift because it is just so unique and includes both the snack element as well as an extra special personalized touch.

Personalize your resealable pouch by choosing from 3 sizes and your very own individual, special message which is printed onto this shiny pouch of snack love. The Health pouches are the absolute perfect gift for those health conscious types. Including a variety of natural unsalted nuts, dried fruits and Parve dark chocolate, fruits and nuts, it's no surprise that these gifts of goodness are so popular for new mom baby gifts, and those that are always on the go - the perfect healthy treat. Candy pouches make the perfect centerpieces for special events and occasions, filled with a variety of Israel’s most famous sweet and sour, chewy and fruity gummy candies, every host would be happy to receive this for their shabbat guests to enjoy together or every kid would be ecstatic to receive this on their birthday.

With Hanukkah coming up these as always will for sure be a popular gift for all ages. Love our snack pouches but cant decide which filling to choose? Send as a pair or check out our most popular Labelitgifts Classic Gift Box for the most perfect gift.

4. Personalized Beer / Wine / Whiskey Glasses

Personalized beer, wine or whiskey glasses are a great gift for the person who has everything! Choose their favorite beverage glass, come up with a funny or sentimental message and personalize in their favorite color for that extra special unique gift. These glasses make the most thoughtful gifts for newlyweds or engaged couples, father’s days and birthdays. Give alone as a thoughtful gift or create a gift box by mixing and matching with your favorite Israeli Kosher Wines, Beers and Whiskeys. Check out this Whiskey Lover’s Wonder gift to get your creative juices flowing.

5. Personalized Cosy Tea Set

A Personalized Cosy Tea Set is a classic and elegant gift. These gift boxes are perfect for singles and couples alike and include everything someone will need to make the

perfect cup of tea - a variety of boutique Israeli teas from the unique Israeli Ceremonie Teas, Honey from the most gorgeous Israeli boutique brand Ptora as well as a variety of other treats and all this topped off with a keepsake tea mug, that can be used and cherished for years to come. With the Hanukkah holidays coming up you wont go wrong with this cosy wintery gift.