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Welcome to the Labelitgifts Blog!

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

The Face behind the Gifts

Hi there! Welcome to my blog, I’m Yasmin. As the owner and creator of Labelitgifts where we bring you fun and unique gifts that are perfect for showing your love and appreciation for others. Originally from the UK, I now live in Israel with my husband and our three children.

I chose to run Labelitgifts from my home due to the COVID pandemic. My aim is to inspire connection and appreciation between others. Though the doors to our homes stayed mostly shut during the pandemic, life went on and so did special occasions. Despite the limitations, babies were born, people got married, celebrated anniversaries, and people grew older. Our yearly traditions and Jewish holidays continued to occur despite the restrictions.

Even as restrictions ease, gift giving is still a way to foster important connections between us and our loved ones. I’m writing not only to help encourage these connections in our world as we emerge from the pandemic but also to show that changing the way we lived, worked and celebrated during the pandemic can be a huge positive in moving forward in our lives.

To be honest, when I started Labelitgifts, I could have used more voices who spoke on the topic of starting home businesses whilst raising young children. Prior to the pandemic I worked for may years in the Tourism Industry. Finding myself jobless and having to provide for my family, I needed to reinvent myself, and now three years on I am proud to say I am on the way to finding my feet and succeeding in building a future for my family. As a business owner and mother of three little ones, I hope to share here on my blog these insights with my readers too.

But above all, my goal in starting this blog is to help others discover gifts that are unique to those that you find on generic gift guides. Supplying personalized gifts in Israel and sweet and candy gifts for all occasions is my pride and joy and I want to provide you with insight on the process of running my business, the experience of a home run gifting business, and of course, more gift ideas.

I’m excited to start sharing my own gift ideas with you for every occasion and show you the amazing possibilities for gift giving that go beyond what you find from larger businesses. From Birthday gifts in Israel to Baby showers to the Chagim and even Corporate, there are unique gifts waiting to be given that I can’t wait to share with you!

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